Thursday, June 27, 2013

Religion and Sex and Abortion. Oh and Politics.

Look here. I feel my inner granny peeking out. The old lady inside of me who has lived a long life and knows Right from stupid and couldn't care less who she offends by saying so.


I have some strong opinions. They are just opinions, but they are mine and I like them.

1. The Mormon Church, my beloved Faith ... you have a crazy mixed up history of wackiness regarding marriage. I am going to just have to disagree for a while. You can't even convince me that a man and a woman make the best nurturing environment for a child.

It's a good option. There are others, not worse or better, just different.

I was raised by my grandmother, mother, and father. My first best friend had a mom and a grandma. Life is strange; You make EVERYONE who, for whatever reason, is unable to fit into your snug definition of ideal, feel wrong. That's not right. You make people like me, who come from an intact (tho insane) nuclear family and who currently FIT the mold of "ideal", feel a little better then those poor souls who have "less than ideal" situations. That's not right either. To me, the defining characteristic of an ideal family is not in genders or numbers, it's just love and the desire to make the best of it together.

2. I hate abortion. The thought of it nauseates me and when I look at my precious children, my heart breaks for the people-who-never-were, the babies who were sucked into sinks. If it were up to me, healthy women with healthy fetuses would be philosophically challenged to see and hold real live babies, to talk to potential adoptive parents, to be forced to fully accept the ramifications of the choice to abort.

Before that tho, people should be educated, in schools and homes, as to the consequences of sex. Birth control would be readily, easily available (it is now, but more so). Pass sex ed before drivers ed. In the end tho, I do not want the decision to be Rick Perry's (idiot governor of Texas).

In the end, it's between the mother, father, and a doctor. If the mother's life is in danger, it should be her choice. If her choice was taken when she got pregnant, at the very least, let her have some power over her body now. For a thousand other reasons, we can only imagine, in the end, it has to be her choice.

3. Texas politicians were annoyed by the voices of the people. We annoy them. They would rather attend galas and hob nob with the rich and powerful, than deal with us. They take our money and use it how they please. Do they make sure our schools have everything they need to enrich the children? No, they make up tests that cater to the very minimum skills of the maximum number of children and tell us scores are up. Do they make sure our food and drugs are safe? Do they make sure every man, woman, and child gets the health care they need? And when a group of people, tired at being ignored by elected officials, stand together and raise their voices to stop the legislative branch from running roughshod over the rights of women ... they call us a MOB. I'm tired of it. You are, too. Maybe term limits would help. I don't want to wait for election day.

4. You know what piece of legislature my State was able to pass? Banning male masturbation. I assume female masturbation was outlawed decades ago. Men, you can still make "donations", but only at a designated hospital facility. You'll need a permit for adult toys. If you get erectile dysfunction medicine, you gotta sign a waver promising it's to use with a real live woman. I am pretty sure this isn't real, but after looking through my state legislature bills on line ... anything could be possible.

I feel tired now. Granny needs a nap.


  1. This is a post that I have started many times in my own head and never posted for fear of not having all my facts straight and being called out by my readers with a differing opinion. I so admire you and your ability to make statements like these. It is so admirable, brave, and totally exhausting! Not that you need my two cents, but I agree with you on all points.

  2. Today, I would rather spout my opinions and offend people than hold back. My inner granny is a feisty one. Can't wait to BE her. :)

  3. If I haven't offended someone, I don't consider it a good enough blog post. I don't agree with everything here but I freaking celebrate you for being bold, honest, and unapoligetic! (that was not meant to be patronizing. You are seriously one of my idols)